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As a resident for 15 years, Jen has witnessed the transformation of our community. She has been an active member of the Belchertown Cultural Council since 2014 and now serves as their chair. Together with the BCC and various town departments, she has brought exciting programming to our community including Food Truck Fridays, ArtWalk, and Winter Light Night.

Let’s put Jen’s MBA and Leadership Pioneer Valley experience to work for Belchertown. Scroll for more information on what issues are important to Jen, and how she envisions working alongside the current Selectboard.

The Leadership Our Town Needs

Jen’s number one priority for town is to bring the community together in a strategic way, increasing its marketability. By demonstrating to businesses that investment in Belchertown is a great idea, we will increase tax revenue, and continue to attract new and incentivize current residents to stay in our community.

Opening the Door

“Wanting to get involved in the town, in 2014 I joined the Belchertown Cultural Council first as Treasurer, then becoming Chair in 2018. Our team works hand in hand with town departments and administrators to bring new and exciting programming to our community, such as Food Truck Fridays, ArtWeek and Winter Light Night. What I discovered while working on the ground with the BCC is that we already have a strong foundation of town assets and resources.”


Build Community

By shining a spotlight on what makes Belchertown unique and continuously creating innovative programs, we can increase the marketability and attract outside investors and developers. Currently, 93% of our town revenues come from our residents through property taxes. By increasing our business tax base, we will not only increase our town revenues,  but also provide the community with more reasons to stay and spend their money here.

Invest in Belchertown

Supporting small businesses is extremely important to me, both personally and professionally. I work with small businesses as clients daily, using my MBA to help them with their finances, a strength I will bring to the Selectboard. In my personal life I strive to be a loyal patron to as many Belchertown businesses as I can. Development of the State School property will be pivotal in providing affordable commercial spaces where new businesses have the opportunity to thrive.

Be in the Know

One of the challenges the town has is its wide geographic footprint. Although the information for meetings and important town topics are out there, it is difficult to find and navigate. There should be more transparency and a deeper understanding of how our town operates. One way to do this would be through a newly designed town website that is user friendly, and intuitive. Residents should understand that they have a say in town decisions and can be knowledgeable about the town processes.

Standing for

  • Family
  • Community
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Education
  • Servant based leadership


Actionable Issues

Jen would love to hear about the issues that are important to you. Please feel free to reach out. Below are just some of the items she would love to collaborate with the current Selectboard on. 


Open Communication

Improving communication with town departments and residents to meet the demand for knowledge and transparency

Master Plan

Revisit outdated master plan-as our town demographics have changed with an increase in residential developments. We must ensure that the needs of all our population groups are met.


Everyone wants more restaurants in town! Engaging community events, activities, and new developments like the Patrick Center Re-use will increase the marketability of our community to outside developers.

Utilize Available Grants

Partner with local, state, and federal government leaders to obtain grants and other funding for economic development, programming, and infrastructure improvements.


Promote volunteerism among our community members on behalf of town committees

How You Can Help

There are many ways you can help Jen’s campaign:

  • Request a lawn sign
  • Join a group of supports to hold signs in the center of town
  • Feature Jen as a candidate in any Facebook Groups
  • Write a letter to the editor endorsing Jen in the Sentinel
  • Contribute financially to her campaign by clicking the button below


Don’t Forget to Vote!

Belchertown local election is May 20th. Please head to the polls at BHS to make your voice heard!








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